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Wet Rot in Buxton, Ashbourne and the Surrounding Derbyshire Areas

Wet Rot is a fungus that eats through timber, sustaining itself by absorbing the nutrients and moisture found in the wood. As it spreads it can cause damage to wallpaper, plaster and carpets. Spores are released into the atmosphere as the fungus works through the timber, landing on other damp areas in your property that will also be susceptible to it. Overall, wet rot doesn’t cause as much damage as dry because it focuses on the moistness around it but, overtime, it can seriously affect your property’s structural integrity if not addressed.

As specialists in this area, Peak Remedial Services Ltd can source and treat the problem effectively, eliminating it from your home or premises in Buxton, Ashbourne or the surrounding areas in the East Midlands. We provide a range of corrective procedures for our clients’ properties, as well as a list of additional services through our sister company’s construction site, MJ Bassett Ltd.

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What Causes Wet Rot?

Wet rot is caused by the build-up of moisture in timber over time. As it feeds, the wood softens and decays.

There are two common types – white and brown. Both occurrences are based on what the fungus feeds on as it spreads over the damp timbers.

The following is a list of potential causes. Pay particular attention to the areas around your windows and doors, as well as the roof and basement, if you have one. Should you locate any of these issues in your Buxton or Ashbourne property, please contact us at Peak Remedial Services.

  • Badly Fitted Shower Trays
  • Blocked or Damaged Gutters
  • Condensation Problems
  • Damaged Roof or Chimney
  • Leak or Defective Plumbing
  • Missing Sealant Around Baths or Sinks
  • Penetrating Damp Issues

There are a variety of signs you can look out for, but wet and dry rot are both similar in appearance. As professionals, we can easily recognise and diagnose the problem quickly.

The most popular signs of wet rot as listed below:

  • Discolouration in the Timber
  • Musty or Damp Odours
  • Obvious Fungal Growth
  • Shrinkage
  • Soft and Crumbling Wood
  • Some Instances of Damaged or Flaking Paint

Our Services

With an ever-increasing client base covering the East Midlands, Peak Remedial Services have a selection of testimonials for your consideration. We guarantee to get to the source of the wet rot, treat it and repair any damage caused as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Once the source of the problem has been identified and repaired, the timbers are dried and treated with a fungicide. This is a job for the professionals, and we strongly advise against using chemicals in the home if you’re not suitably trained.

To ensure the rot doesn’t reoccur, we can treat a wide area around the initial source and repair or replace structural and decorative timbers. Our experts at Peak Remedial Services can also increase the strength of the damaged timbers by treating them with a specialised hardener.

Please contact us at our premises in Sheen for more details about our range of services in Buxton, Ashbourne and Derbyshire, including wet rot and dry rot treatments. We acknowledge the warranties of all products we use in our treatments, plastering and damp proofing services, whilst also guaranteeing our professional and reliable services.

Please call 07534 897355 for further information about our wet rot services in Buxton, Ashbourne and the surrounding areas.