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Timber Treatments in Buxton, Ashbourne and the Surrounding Areas

Sharing over 30 years’ combined proficiency at Peak Remedial Services Ltd, we truly are experts at what we do. Our plasterers and specialists protect your property, ensuring its structural integrity and prolonging its lifespan. Whether domestic or commercial, we treat each building with the care and attention to detail it deserves.

We work in tandem with our sister company, MJ Bassett Ltd, to bring you a range of services that are unrivalled in Buxton, Ashbourne and the surrounding Derbyshire areas. For more information about these services, including plastering and damp proofing, please click onto the relevant pages or call us directly.

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Timber Treatments

For clients with woodworm issues, decaying timbers, and wet or dry rot, we’re on hand to offer a range of solutions. All services commence with an in-depth diagnosis and identification of the cause, followed by a client consultation to discuss the appropriate timber treatments.

Woodworm The wood-boring beetle can attack any form of timber, from floorboards to artwork. Although it’s difficult to spot, due to the affect mainly noticeable once the infestation has spread, the small holes left behind by the insects can lessen the aesthetic of the timbers, and the value.

Our professionals at Peak Remedial Services use a specialist chemical treatment, advising against over-the-counter methods as they’re not as effective. With years of experience, we know how to remove these pests from your property once and for all.

Dry and Wet Rot The difference between both issues is the amount of moisture content in the wood; wet rot requires a higher volume. Dry rot spreads a lot faster and can be extremely destructive, whereas wet rot tends to remain localised and may impact the timbers in and around one area. But that doesn’t mean it won’t spread and cause just as much damage as its dry counterpart.

For further information about these issues, and our subsequent treatments, please click onto the relevant pages. Our specialists will deal with both problems as quickly and effectively as possible, securing the integrity of your Buxton, Ashbourne or Derbyshire property.

Treatments Once identified, the proper course of treatment will be applied to the area in question. The source of the various problems is addressed first to prevent recurrences, and damaged woods are treated accordingly with a fungicide and returned to their natural state, if possible. Where timbers have been all but destroyed by infestations or rot, we’ll remove and replace them.

Restoration Where your property has been severely damaged by an infestation or rot, our specialists in all manner of timber treatments will ensure your floors, walls and ceilings are restored to their former glory. Working alongside our highly qualified plasterers, we guarantee an excellent repair service.

For further information about the full range of services we provide in Buxton, Ashbourne and the local Derbyshire areas, please contact us in Sheen. With competitive fixed prices, free advice and a list of satisfied clients, Peak Remedial Services cover a range of decorative and corrective issues for domestic and commercial clients.

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