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Dry Rot in Ashbourne, Buxton and the Surrounding Areas

Dry rot is the more serious form of wood attacking fungi as it destroys the timbers strength. Capable of producing its own moisture, it doesn’t need dampness to spread like wet rot. So, once it gets going, its more difficult to stop. If you think you have any relevant issues, please contact us at Peak Remedial Services Ltd as soon as possible. Ignoring the problem, or not treating it correctly, will result in the removal of the affected timbers.

Specialists in both wet and dry rot treatment and removal, we have a large client base in Ashbourne, Buxton and the surrounding areas in the East Midlands. Between our staff we share 30+ years’ experience in this area amongst others. For more information on our range of domestic and commercial services, please click onto the relevant pages.

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What is Dry Rot?

A wood-eating fungus, it forms in timbers that contain a low moisture level but have access to air. There are several potential causes, as listed below:

  • Damaged or Leaking Gutters

  • Penetrating Damp

  • Poor Ventilation

  • Rising Damp

The fungus spreads through the air, remaining dormant until it lands on a suitable surface. There it will start to eat away at the timber and develops a substance that resembles cotton wool before mushrooming into the form we recognise as dry rot. This is the source of the next spores that become airborne, and the process continues.

During formation, it will also use brickwork and masonry as means of travel.

If you think you might have a problem, please contact us immediately at Peak Remedial Services. Our experts will make arrangements to visit your property in Ashbourne, Buxton or the local Derbyshire areas to assess the problem and discuss a suitable form of treatment and repair.

The following are some potential indications to keep an eye out for:

  • Dry and Brittle Timbers

  • Discolouration in Wood

  • Shrinking of Timbers

  • Wood Breaking or Cracking

  • Timber Flooring Becoming ‘Soft’ Underfoot

  • Floorboards Shrinking Away From Skirting Boards

  • Creaking Floorboards

Although it’s more difficult to spot in brickwork or masonry, we advise having the relevant areas around infected timbers treated.

Our methods of treating dry rot include:

  • Fungicide Treatments

  • Physical Containment

  • Masonry Sterilisation

  • Timber Removal

  • Pre-Treated Timber Replacement

Ignoring dry rot can become harmful so our specialists at Peak Remedial Services strongly advise against leaving the problem for too long. The fungus omits a musty or damp smell that can, over time, affect your health. Those with respiratory concerns and young children are most susceptible.

Also, ignoring the issue is putting your home at risk from structural damage which could be extremely costly, as well as potentially dangerous. Selling a property in Ashbourne, Buxton or the neighbouring areas with any form of timber decay is not going to be an easy task either as buyers may be put off, and the value will definitely decrease.

Call us in Sheen for more information or to arrange a visit from our specialists. We also provide plastering, damp proofing and timber treatment services at competitive prices, with excellent results.

Please call 07534 897355 for more details relating to our dry rot services in Ashbourne, Buxton and the surrounding areas.