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Damp Proofing in Ashbourne, Buxton and the Surrounding Derbyshire Areas

Focused on protecting your property from the long-term and costly effects of moisture damage, we provide a damp proofing service for our domestic and commercial clients in the East Midlands. By installing a damp proof course (DPC), our plasterers and specialists at Peak Remedial Services will ensure dampness remains at bay and your home or premises stays dry and structurally sound.

Based in Sheen, and servicing clients in Ashbourne, Buxton and the surrounding areas, we offer a wide range of services to our clients, including plastering and timber treatments. It’s our job to protect your property, thanks to our professional skills and attention to detail.

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What is Damp?

In older properties, or those lacking a damp proof course, liquid will seep into the structure through a movement referred to as capillary motion. Without any barrier in place to prevent this from happening, it will continue travelling right into the property towards the walls and ceilings. If this isn’t treated at the source, damp spots will appear on the surfaces which, in turn, can cause the plaster to crumble and mould to form.

Our plasterers can treat condensation, rising and penetrating damp issues within your property. Whereas rising damp occurs from the ground up – to approximately 1m – penetrating damp will appear anywhere on the walls and ceilings above this level. Condensation appears in places where moisture accumulates because it can’t escape, such as kitchens or bathrooms.

Our Treatments

Affecting both internal and external walls, Peak Remedial Services provides a range of damp proofing services for clients in Ashbourne, Buxton and the neighbouring areas:

Installation of Damp Proof Membranes
Following the most appropriate treatments for the areas in question, we’ll install a damp proof membrane to ensure the problem doesn’t return. Although bitumen is a well-known form of DPC, we use polyethene sheeting to prevent the reoccurrence of damp issues.

Defective Insulation Removal from Cavity Walls
Whether your property’s insulation has been damaged by damp issues, or is defective for any other reason, our team will remove the existing materials and replace with new and highly efficient insulation.

Cold Area Insulation We can install an insulation system relevant to colder areas – such as attics and bathrooms - and water pipes. These parts of any property are susceptible to moisture issues and will require immediate attention if dampness occurs. Our specialists can also treat these, and other areas within your property, with a specialist anti-condensation paint.

Insulation with Chemical, Physical or Electro-Osmotic Damp Proof Courses Chemical – This method involves injecting a chemical cream into the wall using Wykamol, a highly regarded remedial product. This prevents moisture seeping up beyond the damp proof course. The holes are drilled at regular intervals into the exterior walls and the substance pumped through.

Physical – Fitting rolls of insulation into new walls or floors, this is a tried-and-tested method that works well for most properties. As protective clothing is required, we don’t recommend installing this without the appropriate equipment.

Electro-Osmotic – For clients who don’t favour chemical insulation, copper and titanium wiring is inserted into the walls and charged in order to reverse the polarity of the rising moisture. This keeps it below the DPC.

Following all damp proofing installations and various treatments, Peak Remedial Services’ expert plasterers will treat any damaged plaster, or remove it if needs be. In the case of replacement, we’ll replaster the surfaces to suit your existing style or leave it in readiness for decoration.

Serving Ashbourne, Buxton and the surrounding localities, we are renowned for our professional and reliable services. For a comprehensive list of the areas we cover in the East Midlands, please click on the link.

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