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Damp Proofing and Dry Rot in Buxton and the Surrounding Areas | Are You Interested in a Plastering Career?

Not everyone is destined to work in an office. For some, it’s the perfect job. Others prefer the hands-on approach, using physical skills to provide a service for the domestic and commercial markets. Without builders and tradespeople, we wouldn’t have the homes we do, or the means to get them repaired when something goes wrong.

At Peak Remedial Services Ltd, we provide a range of services that assure your Buxton home or premises remains in excellent condition. Our specialists treat wet and dry rot, and carry out damp proofing services and timber treatments. We also have fully experienced plasterers on hand to perfect the interior of your property.

Interested in Plastering?

It’s a skill that requires practice, but seeing the finished result in a new build or historical building is well worth the effort. Whether you decide to work as a sub-contractor to the construction industry, or as a restoration expert for a specialist company, there are plenty of ways to achieve your qualifications and become a professional plasterer.

You can attend courses while working as an apprentice, learning on-site as well as in a classroom environment. This way you’re earning your official qualification and gaining experience simultaneously.

For more information about becoming a plasterer in Buxton, Derbyshire, or across the UK, don’t hesitate to ask our advice. Peak Remedial Services’ professional staff will be delighted to help. And, if your choice of career is leaning towards property repair and restoration, we can offer advice regarding wet and dry rot, timber treatments and damp proofing.

Initially, you need to be fit as the work requires a lot of moving about. It’s also important you’re not affected by working at heights. We advise that you have a certain eye for detail, and are not afraid to be creative. Numeracy skills are beneficial as you will have to calculate surface areas and the amount of product needed. Good communication skills are essential so you can give and take instruction, and liaise with clients and other construction workers. And, whilst you’re an apprentice, it’s very important you take feedback and criticism in the form they’re intended – to help you learn and improve.

City & Guilds, the Constructive Industry Training Board (CITB) and bConstructive are avenues to investigate for further information and available courses. Starting at the beginner level, it’s possible to progress towards a master craftmanship qualification and beyond. The opportunities are endless and you may find yourself, one day, teaching the next generation of plasterers and tradespeople.

It's a rewarding job and, like anyone who works in the construction industry will tell you, seeing the final result and knowing you had a hand in it is truly satisfying.

Call us at Peak Remedial Services if you have any queries, and check out our gallery page to see our plasterers and tradesmen in action across Buxton and the surrounding areas. These images will also refer to our timber treatments, wet and dry rot, and damp proofing services.

Please call 07534 897355 for more information about our dry rot services or damp proofing services in Buxton and the surrounding areas.